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Art prints with inspiration from nature and the human body

Art prints by Nord Projects

Nord Projects is the art store for freelance artist and designer Josefin Holmgren, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Josefin has an aesthetic that is based on simplicity with soft curves, flowing shapes and mild colors. Her main sources of inspiration are the human body and nature, and with her art she wants to capture fractions of life. The prints are divided into projects, and in this article we will introduce the different projects.

Grain project
Moments captured in a blur. This collection is inspired by a big change in Josefin’s life, becoming a mother. These colorful prints add warmth and will definitely stand out on any wall. We like that they feel truly unique and leaves room for own interpretations.

Statement project
The project includes art with different styles of brushes but with important commonalities: they are all statement pieces. Both when it comes to the thoughts behind the art, and also when it comes to the size. This project is all about confidence, integrity and about your worth. The pieces are made in different sizes and include extra large sizes of 100*140 cm or 100*100 cm. These Statement pieces speak for themselves, but we really appreciate the details in the brushstrokes that appear clearer in the large formats.

Art project
The project is a continuation of a previous project that consists of a number of paintings with feminine shapes and soft colors and is inspired by women during summer vacation. The Art project is even more traditional in its expression with its textures and brush strokes. What we like about the Art project is the softness and calmness it adds to an environment, which is well needed in our often hectic lives.

Strokes project
The project is a minimalistic interpretation of the human body with simple brush strokes in geometric curves. One thing we like about the Strokes projects is that there is an Asian touch to it, and it plays really well with the Scandinavian minimalism.

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