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  • Balancing Face Oil 30ml

    OM-SE 845kr
    Perfect for oily and combination skin. A lighter blend to help clear and heal. Use instead of face cream. Multi-correctional face oil, allowing all faces to feel radiant. 14 active plant-based organic oils. Balances and smooths skin appearance. Reduces inflammation and redness. Helps fight fine lines and wrinkles. Stimulates skin cell renewal. Regulates oil production.
  • Discovery Mini-size Set

    OM-SE 995kr
    Try them all for a full experience. Try them all and get a complete OM-SE experience with our generous sized mini-bottles. Discovery kit with all four skincare products and one linen face cloth.
  • Face Cleansing Oil 100ml

    OM-SE 395kr
    Nurturing and gentle wipe-off cleanser. Melts away all traces of the day, leaving all faces soft and supple. Dissolves and removes waterproof makeup. Exclusively oil-based. 7 soothing organic plant-based oils. Naturally free from dehydrating substances. Protects the skin mantle. Nurturing for lashes and brows–beards too!
  • Hydrating Face Mist 100ml

    OM-SE 495kr
    Soothing multi-level moisture booster. Hydrates all skin layers, leaving all faces dewy and resilient. 11 active plant-based organic ingredients. Plumps and smooth fine lines. Balances and support healthy skin. Soothing, calming and firming. Protects and repairs the skin barrier. Stimulates skin renewal.
  • Renewing Face Oil 30ml

    OM-SE 845kr
    Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. A richer blend to enhance and restore. Deeply nourishing, giving all faces a healthy glow. 17 active plant-based organic oils. Helps fight fine lines and wrinkles. Strengthens skin and supports elasticity. Sooth UV-damaged skin. Promotes collagen production. Stimulates skin cell renewal.
  • Small steps Great stories

    Stacking Stories 600kr
    A timeless coffee table book in Swedish to document your baby's first years. Fill it with memories and milestones from the pregnancy all the way up to your child starts school.
  • The Everyday Hero Rope Soap

    Aárd 109kr

    Meet the latest addition to the family, our rope soaps.

    The Everyday Hero is for anyone who considers themselves to have normal skin and scalp. If you're unbothered If you’re usually not bothered or even thinking about the condition of your skin and scalp, then this is most likely the cube for you.

    The high amount of olive oil in The Everyday Hero makes for a soap that is nourishing and pure. A gentle cleanser, usually well-tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types.

  • The Faithful Friend Rope Soap

    Aárd 149kr
    Say hi to our rope edition! This cube suits those with combination skin/scalp to somewhat dry and sensitive. Hang it up to make it even easier for your cube to dry out properly in between use.
  • The Faithful Friend Travel Edition

    Aárd 29kr
    A handy mini-version of our community favorite. To take with you on all summer adventures. Comes in a small pouch to use for storing and that can be washed and reused once the soap is used up. The Faithful Friend is especially good for those with skin/scalp that is somewhat dry and sensitive, thanks to a good balance of olive oil and laurel berry oil. The combination of olive's oil moisturizing properties together with the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of laurel berry oil makes for a soap that is nourishing for both skin and hair. A good reliever for slightly irritated, sensitive or problematic skin and scalp.
  • The Guardian Angel Rope Soap

    Aárd 189kr

    Our rope soap edition is the ultimate summer ally. Hang it anywhere and enjoy a cube that's properly taken care of for the next use.

    The Guardian Angel is our top choice for those with dry and sensitive skin and scalp.

  • The New Era Magazine Issue 01

    The New Era 195kr
    The New Era Magazine is a beautifully crafted print publication focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft.