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The Guardian Angel Rope Soap


Our rope soap edition is the ultimate summer ally. Hang it anywhere and enjoy a cube that’s properly taken care of for the next use.

The Guardian Angel is our top choice for those with dry and sensitive skin and scalp.

Sold and shipped by Aárd
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    Origin: Made by Aleppian soap-masters in Antakya, Turkey.

    Ingredients: Olive oil, laurel berry oil 40%, water, lye. All-natural ingredients ensure minimum irritation for your skin.

    The high amount of laurel berry oil gives this cube a great deal of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties that makes it ideal for alleviating your skin/scalp that is red, irritated or flaky.

    How to use it: All-in-one. Use it for washing body, face or hair with.


    1. Wash the entire body, even the more intimate parts.
    2. Show areas with scars or stretch marks some extra love, as the vitamins and other antioxidants in the olive oil may fade scars by helping skin cells to regenerate.


    1. Work up a good lather and massage onto damp skin. Then rinse.
    2. If applying as a face mask, let act for a few minutes on your skin before rinsing.


    1. Wet hair properly and then work up a good lather with your hands, or by rubbing the cube directly onto the hair.
    2. Lather both scalp and hair lengths, as opposed to regular shampoos.
    3. Rinse thoroughly, think double the amount of water than usual, to make sure no soap residue is left.
    4. Either leave it at that or end with a sour rinsing to balance the hair’s pH value.
    5. Shaving foam: Lather it up and add to the area that’s up for grabs and get going.
    6. Eyebrow gel: Lather the cube just a little bit. Then, rub an eyebrow brush against it and apply a small amount of soap dew. Brush up your eyebrows.


    Shipping Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland


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