Become a part of a marketplace for more unique Scandinavian design.

For whom is at Nord?

at Nord is a platform that fits both brands that want to grow and brands that want to stay small and independent. Since we are a marketplace, we have the capacity to reach a large and varied target group, without any restrictions on how small or large your business should be. It’s completely up to you.

Unlike other marketplaces, we are selective with our brands. To attract the right target group, our brands have to follow a clear direction. We carefully handpick high-quality Scandinavian brands, with simple aesthetics and natural elements, that are solidly crafted. We also value well-presented products. On at Nord we embrace creativity and want to truly inspire, so it’s a deal-breaker for us that the product images are professionally photographed with effort and a lot of love.

What exactly is a marketplace?

A lot of stores that we buy from are marketplaces without us knowing it, this is one of the reasons some of us are not familiar with the term. A marketplace is simply a place for brands to set up their store amongst other stores. Like a department store, but online. A marketplace, unlike a regular retailer, can offer a much bigger supply and in turn generate more customers and more sales. More than 50% of global trade is through marketplaces.

Can a marketplace outcompete my own store?

Not at all. Marketplaces are a natural compliment to both new and existing markets. Marketplaces accelerates e-commerce and takes shares from physical trade rather than from online stores.

This is what you get

More and new customers

As a marketplace, we have the capacity to have a large supply and can reach a large target group. Your brand will be exposed to many more and new customers.

Increased reach

We work focused on driving traffic and market the products, so by selling on at Nord you will reach beyond your usual customer group.

Extended product range

By gathering together several stores in one place, they can provide a better customer experience offering a wider range of products in one place.

This is how it works


Fill out the form below. The at Nord team will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. When an agreement is signed, you will get an administration account.


When you have an administration account you can set up your store, upload your products and start selling on at Nord. There will be guides available to ease the process.


In your dashboard you can easily manage your products, follow your orders and review your sales. You will get regular payments from at Nord. Happy selling!

This is where you start

Fill in the information below to begin the application process. We will get back to you as soon as possible.